FOX president talks Mariah Carey, ‘Fringe’

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anna torv.JPG FOX’s President of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly, got the network portion of the Television Critics Association summer tour to a positive start. The TV executive has every right to be positive as FOX has had ratings hits with shows like “American Idol” and “The X-Factor.” The network failed to make any waves in the drama category of the recent Emmy nominations. He wouldn’t say which new shows had the potential to change that next year but expects FOX to see more success with its dramas.

During his announcement that Mariah Carey would become a judge on “American Idol,” Reilly called the singer and put her on speaker. Carey said, “I am so excited to be doing ‘Idol.’ First of all, I wanted to be there today, and I wish I could have been there myself to tell you, but I think you know the show just sort of just happened quickly. So I can’t wait to get started in a couple months, and everybody have a great TCA, and I will see you in January.”

Here are a few other highlights from Reilly’s meeting with the TV critics:

On the upcoming season of “Glee”: “Now that I’ve read the first three scripts, I am very happy with how seamless it is. There’s going to be thematic links between the two. Although we have not severed relationships with anyone, obviously we’re not going to be servicing that large a tapestry of characters. We are adding some characters in New York. We’ve cast two guys already, one in New York, one in Ohio. We have fresh faces joining Ohio, so this is sort of the natural, almost a mirror of real life that people graduate and new faces come in. But I think also like real life, this is set in a small town in Ohio with very important and close relationships. Just as in real life, people tend to not stray too far away from that. Some people settle down in their hometowns. Some people go away, but they come back for holidays. They come back for reunions. And because we have a very good relationship with all the actors, some of whom have very vibrant careers now on the outside, the idea is to kind of keep that relationship where it can be fluid and for the audience in terms of who is going to show up when.”

On giving “Fringe” one final season: “I don’t like to just pull the plug on any show, because many of our failed shows, most of them have many, many millions of fans. But ‘Fringe’ has a particular fan base. We have a checkered history with genre at best because we’re one of the only networks that has consistently tried genre. Genre is hard. It’s been a really contemporary show for which most of the fans are there, but they’re there on their DVRs. I’m hoping this puts to bed the ‘ghost of Comic Con’ sentiment, if you will, which is, ‘Damn you, FOX. You put these shows on and then break our hearts.’ I think, at least hopefully, we’ve got a little bit of cred for seeing one through that really deserved it.”

On the affect of DVRs on ratings: “All of the top shows tend to shift in proportion. So what you’re seeing right now is the penetration of DVRs particularly, and the demo has now gotten around 50% and you’re watching people learn how to use them, and that’s the way they like to watch television. So we’re not fighting that.”

On Britney Spears joining “The X Factor”: “I think they’re going to be surprised at just how feisty she is. She is not afraid to lay it on the line. She’s tough. She knows what she’s doing. She’s been around, she’s seen it all, and she definitely lays it on the line.”

On TV tonight: ‘American Idol’


Judgesseason11a.JPG “American Idol,” 8 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): After weeks of singing and voting, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are “American Idol’s” two finalists.

“I’m just a normal guy who loves to play music,” says Phillips. “I just happened to get lucky and I’m so blessed by it. I’m so excited.”

“Being in the position I’m in now is more than I could have ever asked for,” says Sanchez. “I’ve been looking forward to auditioning for ‘American Idol’ ever since the first season. And now, the first season that I’m eligible, I’ve made it to the top two. It’s crazy what you can do when you put your mind and heart to it. I don’t know what could be better than this.”

Last night Phillips and Sanchez battled it out. Now all they can do is wait for the final vote.

To fill the rest of the more than two hour telecast, Rihanna, Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and others will perform. There will also be a Top 12 reunion.

Concert News: ‘Idol’ David Cook yee haws in Clovis

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DC new Shot_02_0068 - Lauren Dukoff.jpg

“American Idol” winner David Cook is coming back to the Valley, but he’s not playing where you might expect.

Cook, it was announced today, will perform at the annual Clovis Rodeo.

Music isn’t new to the rodeo. It generally has a big country show on the Friday night of the rodeo’s run. This year, that’s already been announced as Justin Moore, who performs April 27.

Now the rodeo is doing something that it hasn’t done in recent memory — adding a pop concert. Cook will perform April 26, which is the rodeo’s first night. The music starts after that night’s rodeo, which features the PBR riders. Tickets are available now, cost $22 and include rodeo admission.

On TV tonight: ‘American Idol’


group2.JPG “American Idol,” 8 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): More than 300 contestants – including Reedley’s Dilia Jelen – have made it to Hollywood where the field will be cut to 70.

In the Hollywood rounds, contestants will face challenges different the early “American Idol” auditions as they’ll have to sing solo, perform in groups and then sing on a huge stage, as they compete against each other to remain on the show. Those who survive Hollywood will head to Las Vegas for the performance challenge on stage in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis Theatre at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Their efforts will be seen in a two-hour episode at 8 p.m. Feb. 16.

The following week, contestants take the stage one last time and sing for their lives to prove they deserve to make it to the next round. The second phase of the competition ends when this season’s semifinalists are selected Feb. 22 and 23.

Fans of the Good Company Players will recognize Jelen’s name as being in the junior company and on the main stage at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. She was born deaf and could not hear until she had her first surgery when she was 5.

Reedley’s Dilia Jelen advances on ‘American Idol’


jelen2.jpg Reedley native Dilia Jelen was given a golden ticket during the Portland auditions of “American Idol” to advance to the second round of the FOX reality competition series. Fans of the Good Company Players will recognize her name as being in the junior company and on the main stage at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. She appeared in the 2000 production of “42nd Street” and in 1999’s “A Chorus Line” singing “What I Did for Love.”

Jelen, who is in her last year of eligibility to be on “Idol,” has an inspirational story as she was born deaf and could not hear until she had her first surgery when she was 5.

She currently lives in Astoria, N.Y.

It says on her online site that “her mother from Guadalajara taught her both strong and tender ways, and her American born father, taught the deepest family values, both encouraging her natural talent and love for Latin American culture and its music.”

In a video interview, Jelen says, “I am next ‘American Idol’ because I know what I was put on this Earth to do. I have to sing or crawl in a hole and die.”

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