Fresno#FRS_NewsTab#04-29-2016#State#1st#Features_f#1#jalvin@fresIf you’re in for the gore, let me personally suggest you see “Green Room.”

Otherwise …

1. Luke Bryan
Kill the lights and get ready for a country-music PARTY!

2. Dean Delray
Touring musician-turned comic comes to Franks’ Place at the Warnor’s Theatre.

3. “Shrek
The swamp comes to Selma.

4. Visalia Craft Beer Festival
A good mix of indie- and buy-out beer.

5. May Day Celebration
Kick of Fresno’s Historic Preservation Week a Sunday afternoon at Riverview Ranch.

And a bonus five concert picks.

1. White Wizards of Hip Hop

2. Whitey Morgan and Cody Jinks

3. Slow Season 

4. Jackson Browne

5. Bootstrap Circus

For a full list of concerts, check out my weekly BANDGEEK! post.

Josh Tehee

Josh Tehee

Joshua Tehee is an entertainment guy. Music runs in his veins. Like seriously, you cut him open and there's no blood-- just music. It's weird.
Josh Tehee

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