suppressorsFresno is a ska town. Like, deep down its roots, since the early ’80s, at least.

While the upbeat Jamaican music (it was later co-opted and popularized in England, then in the US) doesn’t have draw it did in the ’90s, let’s says, there are those of us who keep tabs on city’s ska scene and bands like the Suppressors.

The eight-piece band has been playing on-and-off for a decade and is back on it, with a just-released album (its second) and a talent-stacked release show Friday night at Audie’s Olympic.

The Suppressors play with the Longshots from Portland, Los Angeles’ The Steady 45s and DJ Richard Jones, who’s name you may recognize from the long-running radio show on KFSR‘s Evening Eclectic.

I emailed Manu Janssens, the band’s sax player/vocalist, to get the low down on the album and why this might be the last time you’ll see him playing in the band.

The Suppressor’s debut album “Small Time Hustler” was released in 2010. Can you talk some about the process this time around?

Our second album just came together. We had a rare period of artistic creativity and ended up with a very good cache of songs. Unlike the first album though, we spent a bit of money at a very good studo with a very good producer, David Wiens.

The title of the album is “Setting it Straight.” Is that what’s your trying to do with the band these days?

“Setting It Straight” is aptly named because we did everything right this time. We learned from the mistakes of composition, productions, distribution, etc., that we painfully grappled with on our first go around. I’m not trashing the first album though. It was a titanic chore, because we had no experience and no help. It’s a good album, but this one is better.

Who’s in the Suppressors now? I saw you added another trombone player.

Omari Jones, Shawn Covert, Steve Coleman and myself are still here from past incarnations. The rhythm section is Chris Borbon, Bryant Borbon, and Ben Betita. Niko East has recently joined us on trombone.

This set of shows is going to be the last for you with the band. Can you talk about that decision?

This tour (June 26- July 18) will be my last with the Suppressors, but the band will continue. I’m moving to Seattle and I tried to convince the band to go with me but nobody wanted to. I’m sure the band’s sex appeal will greatly diminish with my departure, but the music will go on.

Josh Tehee

Josh Tehee

Joshua Tehee is an entertainment guy. Music runs in his veins. Like seriously, you cut him open and there's no blood-- just music. It's weird.
Josh Tehee
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