FullSizeRender (19)A couple readers have emailed to ask “What’s up with Cuvée?” Cuvée Spirit & Wine Parlor in the Tower District invited customers to “closing party” June 13 and the “last night of Cuvée” on Instagram, and its business phone number is disconnected.

I tracked down event manager David Rasavong who confirmed that Cuvée is closed — for now.
“We’re just revamping it,” he says.

Other than fixing a leak, he says they’re not sure yet what changes they’ll make, but it will have wine, beer and cocktails. The business is focusing on its catering side, which provides bar service for weddings and corporate events, he says. He doesn’t know when it will reopen, saying “at some point down the road. We don’t have an immediate time line for it. We’re just focusing on the catering.”

Daiso: Fans of kitschy things and downtown residents might be interested in the new Daiso section on the second floor of Central Fish. The store has added what is essentially a Japanese dollar store section where everything costs $1.69. That includes polka dot waste baskets, cute little bowls with animal faces, little waving lucky cats and erasers in the shape of lobsters. There’s also practical things like screwdrivers. The more pricey gift section is still there, sharing space with Daiso.IMG_5123

Wilbur & Persephone: People in the Fresno High neighborhood are already pretty jazzed about Ampersand Ice Cream opening and news that Kuppa Joy will open a coffee shop just down the street. Now, they can look forward to a wood-fired pizza place. Wilbur & Persephone is planning to open next to Kuppa Joy six-to-eight months from now. It’s brought to you by the couple behind Twee Boutique and Spokeasy Public House. Follow their progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough has the most fun job at the Bee. She writes about restaurants, shopping and has the low-down on local businesses. In case you're wondering, her last name is pronounced "Cluff."
Bethany Clough
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2 thoughts on “Comings & goings: News about Cuvée, Daiso and pizza near Fresno High

  • June 20, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Cuvee is closed for remodel and they dont know when theyre gona reopen?? Give me a break, I know bartenders that work there and they say they r closed for good. Jist call it for what it is. And yes a pizza by the slice would b good for dtf. BUT I still think a gourmet donut shop with coffee and maybe liquor would b a great idea. I been to a couple n Seattle and theyre nice.


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