Earlier this week, this listicle from MSN.com made the rounds on a certain local radio station. The story thoughtfully breaks down 10 things you should never buy again. It made for some good radio.

The story (and more so the ensuring radio conversations) got me thinking about the values we place on things, and what I see as an across-the-board devaluation of goods. Meaning: We just want stuff for free (or as close as we can get).

It’s problematic when a consumer society decides the stuff it craves isn’t worth paying for. With that in mind, I put together this (sort of serious) list of five things you should happily pay for.

1. Food
Unless you are working your way through college, there is no reason to eat 10-cent Ramen. Or Taco Bell (though I love Taco Bell). It’s sad that the cheapest food is often the worst for you (in sustenance and taste). Food is fuel (and also tasty), so why scrimp?

2. (Good) Beer
Yes, craft beer can be expensive — like $25 of 22 ounces expensive — but there is a limitless range of tastes and styles of brew and more and more access to them (yes, even in Fresno. You can get a primer, here). So, save the $2 tall-boys for the minor-league ball park and splurge when you can.

3. Music (OK, all art)
Taylor Swift said it best: “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.”

4. News
It’s easy to be jaded by the news. Especially right now. But there are some legitimate journalists in this world doing great work and it’s often taken for granted.

5. Parking
I’ve said it before.

Josh Tehee

Josh Tehee

Joshua Tehee is an entertainment guy. Music runs in his veins. Like seriously, you cut him open and there's no blood-- just music. It's weird.
Josh Tehee
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