Alice Cooper has perfect timing

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alice cooper.JPG The first lesson I learned when I started working at a newspaper was to always hit your deadlines. Being late causes everyone else to be late and that’s not the right way to work.

That lesson should be taught to a lot of the young actors working these days. It’s become the norm that if an interview is scheduled to start at a certain time, it will actually begin a minimum of 15 minutes late. The subject is often doing a long list of interviews so that means when we get started late with me, everyone after me is going to start later and later.

And, it’s not always young actors. A lot of the musicians I’ve talked to over the years have been late to the interviews. So, when Universal Studios Hollywood set me up with a phone interview with Alice Cooper to talk about the maze at the theme park’s “Halloween Horror Nights” based on his music, I wasn’t expecting him to be punctual. He had a good excuse because Cooper had been in London the day before and would probably be tired on his return to his home in Arizona.

The call was scheduled for 2 p.m. and at exactly 2 p.m. the telephone rang.

Not only was Cooper on time, he was one of the best interviews I’ve had in awhile. He talked about everything from his youth to the current TV show that scares him. Unlike many young actors, Cooper had great stories to tell.

At one point he joked, “The maze is in 3D. What does that mean?”

The only bad timing in this case was the short window I was given to talk with Cooper. He would be worth a much longer conversation and could call as late as he wanted.

Maybe there should be Lohan-Bynes driving school

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People Lindsay Lohan.JPGObservations from a grumpy old man.

Clint Eastwood has balls: The new Eastwood movie, “Trouble With the Curve,” has him playing an aging baseball scout who is losing his vision. If the film doesn’t attract a big audience, he will be talking to a lot of empty chairs.

No, you drive: Lindsay Lohan got arrested for another traffic accident. Fellow accident-waiting-to-happen celebrity Amanda Bynes says it was karma that caused the wreck because Lohan was tweeting bad things about her. I doubt it. If karma didn’t get Lohan after “Herbie Fully Loaded,” she’s safe.

What does the L stand for?: For a moment, it looked like “The Walking Dead” had moved from AMC to 11:30 p.m. Saturdays on NBC. Then I realized I was just watching “Saturday Night Live.”

Fight the power: NBC’s new drama “Revolution” launched on Monday. It’s about a world without electricity. Does anyone else see the irony that one of NBC’s owners is General Electric?

A killer show: Is it a good thing when the executives behind the new FOX series “The Mob Doctor” want a hit?

Entertainment this weekend


NUP_148567_0407_JPG.JPGHere are a few entertainment suggestions for the weekend.

“My Uncle Rafael”: A TV producer in search of a reality show hit. She convinces Uncle Rafael (Vahik Pirhamzei) to use his wisdom to help a dysfunctional family torn apart by marriage. He moves in to try to save the family members, each dealing with a different problem, while cameras capture every emotional and funny moment. The film has some rough edges, but it still finds a way to be touching and to get laughs. It’s two biggest pluses are the Armenian themes and the talents of Pirhamzei.

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”: Seven British seniors travel to India to move into a retirement facility. Maggie Smith and Judi Dench star. Director John Madden blends the multiple plot threads so perfectly that he creates a cinematic tapestry that celebrates life and the wide assortment of those who have lived it. In addition, Madden shows that Hollywood’s obsession with youth is a smoke screen: It doesn’t matter what the age of the cast is as long as the material is first-rate and you have some of the best actors in the business to breathe life into it. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” will attract older film fans because of the age of the cast. Don’t let age discrimination keep you from seeing this magnificent film that deals with the issues — love, life and learning — that all ages connect with.

“Grimm,” 9 p.m. KSEE (Channel 24.1): The creepy and fun series about a hunter of the weird characters that inspired fairy tales has settled into its normal time slot. One of the big problems in the first season was Nick Burkhardt’s (David Giuntoli) partner didn’t know what was happening. That’s been fixed and now the series can move full speed ahead.

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